Famous Giraffes

                                                 giraffe geff

Giraffes have gained popularity in media in the past few decades. They were just a strange, unique animal that inhabited the  arid and dry-savanna zones south of the Sahara. However, they are symbols for media and recently made appearances on the “Big Screen”. We all know the  famous, beloved, Geoffrey the Giraffe, of Toys R’ Us toy stores. He has been a symbol for children’s happiness for years. I know the excitement I felt when I saw Geoffrey on the “Big Book of Toys” commercial, and when I received the catalog in the mail, the memory still brings me back to Christmases as a kid. That giraffe always made me smile, as I am sure it made thousands of other kids smile as well. It makes sense why Toys R’ Us made Geoffrey the giraffe their mascot. Giraffes by nature are accepting and social. They walk to the beat of their own drum. In media they are seen as quirky, like giraffes should be. Another famous giraffe is Melman, from the Madagascar movies. He was a hypochondriac, which is hilarious because why would a giraffe be claiming he is always ill?He brings laughter to audiences all over the world. He was a giraffe who grew up in the zoo which is why he thinks his brown spots are a disease and does not understand giraffes all have spots. Then he was unwillingly taken to Madagascar, where he had to learn to be a wild giraffe. Giraffes are seen on logos in advertisements as well and just portray a fun and sophisticated aspect in the media. Giraffes are fun-loving, they are a symbol for people of all ages to be yourself, regardless if that means being a little different. Giraffes are a symbol for beauty in strange places, and things not being as they seem. This is one of the reasons I admire them so much, they make you look twice at them and become intrigued in their uniqueness.


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